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Sitting on the beach of Maui, Hawaii- I couldn’t help but be inspired by the natural scenery that surrounded us. This beach had a lot of lava rock and coral scattered about, making for my wonderful natural inspiration. I picked up some jewelry wire and a cheap pair of jewelry pliers/cutters along with some shell beads. Then as my son played in the water, I looked around for the right size and shapes to make pendant necklaces. I must confess, I have never made jewelry before. I thought “How hard can it be?” and just made it up as I went along. I understand not everyone lives in Hawaii, but if you have a beach you can probably find cool rocks and coral, maybe even petrified wood that can be turned into a lovely piece of jewelry.

Lava Rock Pendant Craft






I would go into explaining how I made these necklaces, but really I just played around with the wire until I got the look I desired. It’s a fun, cheap way to make wonderful natural artisan jewelry that you can give as a Birthday or Christmas gift and be worn year round. Don’t be frustrated if you go through a lot of wire at first- and be sure to save anything you scrap! This can be used to make wire jewelry. I took my scrap wire and made the heart pendant in the pictures below. I suggest making the loop for the chain first and then wrapping the wire around as desired. I twisted it back around the top loop many times to make sure it was secure. The great thing about Lava Rock and Coral is they have so many holes that they are actually quite light- unlike a rock. Making for perfectly light and comfortable necklaces. Remember the smaller the pendant, the shorter the chain. The Larger the pendant, the longer the chain. One of my coral pendants is a bit bulkier and so I will put it on a longer chain. It will go perfect with my bohemian lace dress! I hope you enjoy.

Coral necklace pendant craft

Lava rock wire necklace craft




Lava rock necklace craft diy

Wire heart necklace craft

coral necklace pendant craft diy


Did you make natural pendants from the beach? Please do share pics with us! ContactHomemadeVintage@gmail.com